Documents Checklist For Nepalese Student to Study in Australia


Gap Evidence

Work Experience or Internship with Pay slip/Bank statement with TAX receipt (minimum of Last 3 months)


Notarized Passport

Notarized Affidavit as advised format

Student Declaration

Signed Acceptance


GTE forms

Payment Receipt / TT slip

Disbursement Letter/ Updated Bank Statement after fee payment
  • Latest Loan Statement after disbursement


Fund Evidence

Loan Documents (All Approved A Level Banks accepted)
Mortgage Deed (Collateral)
  • Lalpurja
  • Land Tax Receipt (1-3 years recommended)
  • Property Valuation of the plot shown in sanction letter
Cash Documents
  • Maturity Balance (Funds deposited since 90 days with declaration)
Land sale
  • Sale Deed (attested & Translated)
  • Ownership Certificate ( Buyer & Seller)
  • Revenue Tax invoice
  • Bank Statement showing the funds deposited


Income Evidence (Attested & Translated)

Digital Evidence of Income Document (all documents should have company address, dates of employment, your role and
contact details of your employer)

Salary Documents
  • Job Confirmation Letter
  • Salary Slip or Personal Bank account statement (Last 12 months)
  • TDS Receipt (12 months)
  • PAN of Employee
Pension Documents
  • Pension Book (if pension)
  • Pension Statement
Foreign Income
  • Valid Visa
  • Tax Return
  • Bank Statement (Last 12 months)
  • Pay Slip (Last 12 months)
Business Documents
  • PAN/Company Registration Certificate
  • Ownership Document / Partnership Deed
  • Share Lagat if partnership
  • Audit report by ICAN member (Profit Before Tax should be highlighted)
  • ICAN Membership renewal certificate (latest)
  • Business Tax Receipt (Last 1 year) or Business Bank Statement (1 year)
  • Business Tax Clearance Certificate (1-3 years recommended)
Lease Documents
  • Rent Agreement (Land / House)
  • Land Tax Receipt (3 Years)
  • Rental Tax Receipt (Last 12 months)
  • Land ownership certificate
  • Bank Account Statement of property owner (1 Year)
Agriculture/Poultry farming/Animal Husbandry
  • Personal Bank Statement and Income Tax certificate
Property Valuation (Ward or Engineer Consultancy)
  • Property Valuation from ward / municipality or Engineering Consultancy
  • Land Ownership
  • Property Tax Receipt (1 year)
Relationship Evidence
  • Citizenship of all sponsors
  • Relationship Certificate from ward/municipality

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