Aqua Peel

AQUA PEEL Water Microdermabrasion

Minimum Investment

Low cost investment. Purchase with Cash or affordable monthly lease payments.

Maximize Revenue Generator

High return on investment. Offer clients treatments and earn $100-300 Per treatment.

Immediate Results

3 part cleansing process providing clients immediate results.

Suitable For ALL Skin Types

Suitable and gentle on all skin types.

No Discomfort or Downtime

A simple relaxing treatment with No discomfort or downtime.

Premium Hydro Microdermabrasion

Premium water microdermabrasion with low investment cost and high return.

Buy The Most Affordable AQUA PEEL Water Microdermabrasion

Estimated Monthly Payments:

36 months: $220/month
48 months: $170/month
60 months: $133/month

  Key Benefits :

  • Affordable
  • Suitable for ALL Skin Types
  • 3 Part Solution Maximizing Results
  • Easy To Use
  • Fast Treatments
  • Improve Skin Quality & Health
  • No Discomfort

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Blackhead Removal

Pore tightening and Care

Acne Relief

Moisture Care

Sebum Removal

Keratin removal

Cleansing pores


Water Microdermabrasion System

The Aqua Peel hand piece provides clients treatments with no discomfort vacuuming dead cells and impurities away. Removal of dead cells, wastes, and epidermal regeneration are performed through chemical and physical processes, which raise and soften after hydrating during the Aqua Peel Procedure.

3 Part Solution Cleansing Process

Step 1. Exfoliating dead skin cells and cleansing pores with hydration.

Step 2. For oily & acne prone skin extracting black heads, sebum, & impurities.

Step 3. Moisturizing and nutrient rich supply using hydrogel ingredients

What is Aqua Peel?

Aqua Peel is a water microdermabrasion system using a 3 part cleansing solution exfoliation process consisting of nutrients and moisturizing ingredients to improve skin quality. The vacuum tip sprays the cleansing solution onto the skin which provides a microdermabrasion process removing the impurities, oil, dirt, and sebum from the skin providing a healthy environment for improved skin health.


How does Aqua Peel work?

By using a 3 part solution system washing the skin through the hand piece by utilizing vacuum technology to exfoliate blackheads, sebum, pimples, acne, and moisturizes. The treatment provides no discomfort and no downtime. Your clients will return to work and every day activates. 


How long is an Aqua Peel Treatment?

The Aqua Peel treatment is a simple 15 minute relaxing facial.


What results should be expected with Aqua Peel?

Clients can expect improve dull skin, improve skin texture, reduce the size of pores, exfoliate waste, dirt, sebum, and oil. Aqua Peel treatment regulates sebaceous secretion returning to a healthy process.  Immediate effects can be seen with just one procedure. There can be a redness associated post treatment but this does not last long.


How much do clients pay per treatments?

Market price for treatments are between $100-$300. The Aqua Peel is a low cost investment system with a high return on investment. Simple financial example, do 3 treatments a day (15 minutes per treatment) 5 days a week at $100 per treatment = $72,000 a year revenue for only 1 hour a work per day! The Aqua Peel pays for its self over and over.


How much does the Aqua Peel cost?

The Aqua Peel is a low cost investment for you business that yields a high return. Purchase cash in full, pay a down payment, or enroll in our zero down low monthly payment leasing program which could be as low at $225 a month! Add the Aqua Peel to your business today!


BHA Button: S2 solution On/Off (Sensitive, Acne skin)

MOISTURE Button: S3 solution On/Off  nutrition (vitamin), moisturizing

VENT Button: For removing serum inside the hose

CLEAN Button: Clean each nozzle at once

Time Button: Adjust the operation time (1 – 10 minute)

VACCUM Button: Inhale degree of strength (Low, Mid, High)

FLOW Button: Adjust the amount of solution (10-100%)

Control: After turning to the desired level

KNOB: Press the button to make the setting

Hand Piece: Use AHA, BHA, MOISTURE. Using A Tip, B Tip