What is TOEFL?

The Test of English as a foreign Language (TOEFL) is an examination used to assess a non native English speakers proficiency in the English language. Many North American colleges and universities, as well large figure of institutions, agencies, and program, ask for official TOEFL score reports. An acceptable score on the TOEFL exam depends on the specific requirements of the particular institution or agency involved. The Test of English as a Foreign Language – internet-Based Test. It consists of four test sections – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. All these sections are examined on the same day. The test time is roughly 4 hrs. The new test format.

The Breakdown of the TOEFL

Sections Total Time Tasks
Reading 60-80 Mins. Read 3 or4 passages dealing about an academic topic and answer 36-56 questions.
Listening 60-90 Mins. Listen conversations, lectures, classmates' interactions and answer 34-51 questions.
Speaking 20 Mins. Express your opinion based on familiar experience and according to reading and listening passage.
Writing 50 Mins. Write a response based on a reading and a listening passage and an argument essay.

TOEFL IBT-Preparation at EGE

1. 6 weeks of classes
2. An hour of instruction daily from Monday to Friday.
3. Saturday is a holiday
4. Sunday is for full length testing.
5. Scholarships Available.
6. There’s a scholarship for everyone at AEC. Ask the friendly counselor on duty what YOUR scholarship is worth.

You get a FREE book and 2 CDs with it for Listening.

LCD Projector, Lab, and Conventional.

• Air Conditioned comfort.
• Dozens of tests in books for your practice.
• CD players available for Listening Practice.
• Borrowing facility also available for students who have a premier membership in the library.

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